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The Spin by the Southern Coalition for Social Justice

by Betsy Meads on 04/21/13

Fortunately we have provided videos of the proceedings so that you can see "the spin" that the Southern Coalition for Social Justice weaves in their story. There are major inaccuracies and important information omitted.  Here are a few:

"56 Students were removed"......  56 VOTERS were removed. At least 5 graduates of ECSU were removed and they either voted or attempted to vote from their residences in GA and CA.  One rents a home in another precinct in Elizabeth City and allowed her friend living in CA to use her address for voting purposes.  One graduate living in Miami registered in Florida and North Carolina on the same day.  The article also fails to mention that an American Samoan student was removed because he is not a citizen of the United States.  Mr. Gilbert challenged based on residency and citizenship, not race, party affiliation, age, or sex.  Note Democrats, Republicans and Unaffiliated voters were removed.

Mr. Gilbert requested a list of students from ECSU living on campus......the list that was referred to during the hearing was the official residency list given to the Pasquotank County Board of Elections by ECSU to use as the basis for allowing students,who live on campus, to register and vote during One Stop.  This is common practice by state supported colleges and universities in NC.  The list is public record in the BOE office and was purchased from the BOE, not by Mr. Gilbert, in October 2012.

One student voluntarily cancelled her registration..... Shanay Carrie Thomas, did so because she admitted to voting in the November 2012 elections using 1704 Weeksville Road as her residence.  She was from Portsmouth,Virginia and living in Portsmouth, VA at the time she voted.  This was her testimony.  The board sustained her challenge.

Mr. Gilbert repeatedly misstated the law by arguing that there is a legally rebuttable presumption that a student is not domiciled in her college town when she is already registered to vote there.......Registration is not the prerequisite for domicile.  Domicile is the prerequisite for registration. 

The article is correct that Mr Gilbert has not brought any challenges to students at Mid-Atlantic Christian University, may I add yet.  There will be other challenges because Voter Fraud isn't confined to college campuses.



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